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Bench Warrants

If you have missed a court appearance or failed to comply with a court order (such as paying a fine or completing a class), it is likely that a judge has issued a Bench Warrant for your arrest.  A Bench warrant is an order from a judge telling law enforcement to take you into custody.  Bench Warrants are usually issued by criminal court judges, but may also be issued by traffic court judges.

Warrants are public information, therefore if you are applying for a job or have any type of professional license, this may influence your employment.  Not to mention the embarrassment of an arrest.

If you believe that a warrant has been issued for your arrest, we can help you.  It is possible that the warrant may be cleared without you making a court appearance, but you will need to consult with an attorney first.  The underlying case that caused the judge to issue the warrant for your arrest should be taken care of as well to avoid further warrants to be issued.  The case may be handled without you having to make any embarrassing court appearances by allowing your attorney to appear for you under California Penal Code 977.