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Domestic Violence

Los Angeles Domestic Violence Criminal Defense Attorney Jason Robert Smith

Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to be married or dating someone to be charged with domestic violence.  Pen C §273.5 covers spouses, former spouses, person(s) living in your house, your ex, children, & parents. If you have been charged with a Domestic Violence charge you need to speak to a license and dedicated Los Angeles criminal defense attorney today. Our experienced, affordable and top rated Los Angeles domestic violence attorneys have decades of experience in aggressively defending people involved in domestic violence charges. In California domestic violence law is to use force or to communicate in a threaten manner. In other words it is illegal to assault or criminally threaten someone who live with you or a spouse.  Due to the seriousness of the domestic violence charges taken, almost all city district attorney’s office have a unit dedicated to persecuting domestic violence offenders as in your case.

CA Penal Codes On Domestic Violence

California has many penal codes dealing different domestic violence cases. The most commonly charged domestic violence offenses are listed below.

  • PC §646.9: STALKING
  • PC §240: Assault
  • PC §245(a): Assault with a deadly weapon
  • PC §§242243: Battery
  • PC §§278278.5: Child Abduction
  • PC §166: Contempt
  • PC §647: Disorderly Conduct
  • PC §415: Disturbing the peace
  • PC §136.1: Intimidating a victim or witness
  • PC §262: Rape of a spouse
  • PC §602: Trespass
  • PC §273.6: Violation of a domestic violence protective order


What Types Of Relationships Are Considered Domestic Violence In Nature

  • Two people engaged for a marriage
  • Two people dating
  • Parents and their kids
  • Cousins, aunts, uncles, nieces etc
  • Boyfriend and girlfriends
  • Roommates
  • Cohabitants


When someone is convicted of  domestic violence the conviction will go on ones criminal record which can lead to many things such as a loss of employment or future employment. With a conviction of domestic violence you can also lose rights such as to bear arms. Also, based on the seriousness of the crime convicted you maybe convicted as a felony and can experience prison time. On initial arrest,  you will be held for 24 hours in county jail and a judge can also impose a 52 weeks of domestic battery classes if convicted. In addition to jail and prison you may also be required to pay fines which can add up easily to tens of thousands of dollars.


Being charged in a domestic violence case can be a serious crime. One can be charged with a domestic violence if he or she physically abuses, socially abuse, sexually abuses, threatens, and/or verbally abuses their spouse or someone living in their household. Often times the defendant is charged by the police as a felony despite the fact the alleged victim has no physical signs of injury and/or there are no witnesses other than the alleged victim in the case.  The Los Angeles Criminal Defense Law Office of Jason Robert Smith is here to strategize  your case for the best possible outcome. We question the accuser thoroughly and find evidence in their story to be on your side. With our extensive probing skills we could help you win your case.

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