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Los Angeles County law enforcement officials take drinking and driving seriously and the crime get expect hefty fines and/or prison sentences. According to the latest data from California DMV’s 2014 Annual Report of the California DUI Management Information System, there were over well over 100,000 DUI arrests in Los Angeles County between 2010 – 2012. After an arrest, the prosecution will aggressively seek a conviction to get the maximum penalty for your case. Without a proper attorney your case can be poorly handled, and this is why our Los Angeles DUI attorneys are ready to take your call 7 days a week.

Most people understand a DUI conviction can include steep fines, losing your driver license, increased car insurance rates, and prison time. But some many people are not aware our experienced and dedicated Los Angeles DUI attorneys can fight the charges made against you and help you present yourself in the best possible light to the court.



Mr. Smith sets himself apart from many other DUI lawyers in Los Angeles by not accepting just any plea deal the district attorney offers its clients. Mr. Robert Smith will pick apart every aspect of the prosecutions case against our clients. His dedication in analyzing all the “scientific” data involved, such as your breath or blood test results, can be the game changes needed to beat your DUI case. If you have been charged with driving under the influence, Mr. Smith is prepared to challenge every aspect of the prosecution’s case against you.

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This overview covers many DUI related topics such as the vehicle code, blood and breath tests and DUI defenses. If you are being charged with a DUI anywhere in Los Angeles, we are available to take your call 24/7 to assist you.


Under California DUI VC 23152, to prove a person is guilty of a first time DUI the prosecutor must show the person was

  • Operating the motor vehicle &
  • Was under the influence of alcohol or drugs (Count A), or had a BAC of .08% or higher (Count B).

In Los Angeles it is common for an individual to be charged with both 23152 (a) and 23152 (b).


Driving above 0.08 occurs when your blood alcohol level is above 0.08 at the time you are pulled over. However, the arresting officer often does not test your BAC until hours after the arrest, which could result in a false positive. Picture a situation where you are at home and it is a loved one’s birthday. To celebrate you consume 4 bottles of alcohol in a row. The next thing you know one of your friends hits his/her head and needs to go to the hospital. You go to your car  and drive and right as you exit your driveway you are pulled over by an officer. If the officer immediately took your blood the results would be 0.00 or 0.01 because your body has not absorbed the alcohol. The problem here is with our justice system. It takes hours to get the test done. Therefore by the time you go to jail it can take hours later to take your blood. Your BAC must be at the time of driving, so if you are charged with driving above 0.08 it may be due untimely testing which is a key area our Los Angeles DUI lawyers could challenge if trial becomes necessary for your case.



Back to the example discussed in “driving at above 0.08,”  and being pulled over once existing your drive way. The breathalyzer test could be extremely high due to literally still have alcohol in your breath after just drinking. Again, producing an inaccurate result.


Some DUI defenses in California include:

  • No probable cause to pull the vehicle over
  • No Miranda warning at the time of arrest
  • Contradicting testimony of arresting officer(s)



The legal drinking age in California is 21 years of age. Since the drinking age is 21, the penalties for DUI under the age of 21 are much higher and the standard for someone’s BAC is much lower. District attorneys will try to convict anyone under the age of of 21 with a BAC of least a 0.01. They can also be charged with a full-blown DUI if they were above a 0.08. Being above a 0.01 is a very low standard. Therefore if you are 21 or younger, you are better not drinking alcohol at all if you will be operating a motor vehicle.


If you have gotten a DUI, you must set your DMV hearing within 10 days or your license will be automatically suspended. You have no time to lose, so call our firm immediately. The Law Office of Jason Robert Smith will do everything possible to help you keep your license.


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